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Lavender-Honey Lemon Tart

Updated: Mar 19

My hubby saw this recipe in the Better Homes and Garden Magazine - which he has ample time to read as we are still "sheltered-in-place". He thought it was just my kind of dessert and he couldn't have been more right! Except that I don't eat grains or processed sugar anymore. So I had to switch it up, and it turned out delicious!

While this recipe is grain-free and eliminates processed sugar, it is still loaded with carbohydrates and sugar from the honey. The original recipe found here has 54 g of net carbs and 41 g of sugar per serving and I was able to get it down a little in the recipe below (32 g of net carbs and 31 g of sugar). That said, I will be enjoying this once in a while. I think this would be a great special occasion dessert-like for Mother's Day or Easter.

The original recipe calls for food-grade lavender buds. I replaced this ingredient with certified pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil. Don't try this recipe with a low-quality essential oil. Not all essential oils are intended for consumption so choose carefully. I trust this brand and cook with and consume their oils all the time.

Check out the recipe below. I always appreciate comments and I love seeing your creations posted on social media! Enjoy!

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