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Day 3 - Survival



Today I am open to miracles!

I’m excited to prepare for our product launch and customer appreciation party! I cannot wait to see all my beautiful friends and clients on Thursday!

I’m enthusiastic about the small things today. I’m grateful for small tasks done consistently.

I’m grateful for focus.

I’m grateful for an abundance of patience and discipline while I do the small tasks today, knowing that those small tasks are seeds planted for a much bigger purpose.

I’m grateful for continued healing in my body and grateful that every cell in my body is happy and well.

I’m grateful to have tools to create a healing environment in my body.

I’m excited and hopeful to meet with D today!

I’m grateful to connect with her and build a friendship.

I’m excited to help her launch a successful business and see the doors open for her as she moves forward.

I’m grateful that I am in tune with God’s will and guidance today.

I’m grateful for my faith in Him and His plans for me today.

I’m excited to have another day to enjoy the abundance of this life with my husband and daughters.

I’m excited for the love and hope in my life.

Thank You Lord for all these blessings!

I commit my works to you! Proverbs 16:3

Dana <3

Today's Miracle

I had the pleasure of meeting D today. She is the great-grandmother of sweet little T. God brought her to me to show me abundant love. This beautiful woman raised her grandchildren for 8 years after her daughter suffered some misfortune. Now, she is raising her great-granddaughter T who is one of the most precious and loving little girls - despite her circumstances, she radiates joy! About a year ago, D was administering at-home dialysis and wasn't feeling well. Next thing she knew, she was awake in a hospital bed with tubes and machines keeping her alive. It turns out, T (at 7 years old) saved her life by calling 911 and checking the EMT's badges before allowing them in the home to save her GG. D shared with me that she saw heaven that day after several of her organs started failing. She saw her daughter and her mother and they told her to go back, "You can't come in yet." D shared with me that the reason she is here is to make sure T is taken care of. D is not sure how much longer she will be on this earth. She showed me a picture from one year ago and she looks like a different person, but I can see that the spirit is still there. She is lining up caretakers for T, school scholarships, and other services in case she passes, to make sure that her great-granddaughter is in good hands. As I sat there listening to D speak, my heart broke to learn about their situation and yet, she is so hopeful and loving. And every few minutes, T would run up and give her a kiss and say, "Love you GG!" They literally have little more than each other and yet they are so full of love. I was moved to help and inspired with a vision to help more people who are raising children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren by themselves. I know how difficult it is to raise children alone. I raised Genaveve by myself for 11 years before I was blessed with Mario. I had some help in those years, but many times survived on scrambled eggs and love. My heart has been open for a way to give back now that I am in a better place. Thank you God for bringing me D - the miracle.

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