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Day 2 - Miraculous Healing



I’m thrilled that I announced the abundance challenge! I’m so excited to see my own growth and inspire others to express more gratitude and connect with abundance!

Today is an amazing day! I’m grateful for all opportunities presented to me. I’m expecting miracles today.

I’m grateful and blessed to be living my passion.

I’m grateful for my loving family and engaged community.

I’m excited to teach today. I’m excited that the people who need and want the information are going to be present with me. I’m looking forward to the possibility of presenting information that is a catalyst for change in someone’s life.

I’m excited and grateful that I’m honoring commitments to myself today.

I’m grateful for discipline and adaptability.

I’m enthusiastically anticipating the ability to feel, acknowledge, and process emotions that come about today.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to love myself and give myself grace today.

I’m grateful that I can visualize my success in vivid colors and feel what the realization of my dreams feels like.

I see who I am and achieve my audacious visions.

I’m grateful that I am saved, and I submit my works to You, Lord. Thank You!

Dana <3

Today's Miracle

I had an accident last Monday while moving a heavy box. The pain was excruciating, and I could barely walk and had tingling in my feet! I went to my chiropractor on Friday (soonest he could see me) and he said that I most likely herniated a disc. He said 25% of patients who have a herniated disc need surgery. I went home and started a protocol for the condition that includes a combo of topical and internal 4x per day of Turmeric DuoCaps, Copaiba Capsules, Deep Blue Polyphenols, Frankincense, Lavender, and Deep Blue Rub. I went back to see him today; he was able to do the full adjustment! My pain went from a 9-10 at 100% to 4-5 at 25% and my range of motion has improved substantially! I’m grateful for healing.

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