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Cilantro-Lime Guacamole


One of the best things I learned when I found Primal Health years ago is that avocados are a great source of healthy fats. I used to obsess about calories and "high fat" items when it came to my weight; that was a horrible existence! Since going "primal," I've not counted a single calorie. I have enjoyed an abundance of high-fat goodies (avocados, ghee, bacon, macadamia nuts, coconut cream, etc.), and I'm healthier than I've ever been!

This is one of the first things I share with my clients too: "you don't have to obsess over your calories and fat to be healthy!" This gives them such a feeling of freedom around food and really sets them up for success.

Avocados have become my favorite form of fast food. When I travel, I take a few avocados and some cooked, sliced chicken in a cooler to eat on the road or at the hotel when the Continental Breakfast just doesn't cut it.

As we get closer to celebrating national Avocado Day on July 31st, I wanted to share one of my favorite snack recipes. This is great to make and take to a party to ensure you have a healthy choice or keep in the fridge for when you need a quick snack.

I use essential oils of lime and cilantro in the recipe along with the fresh counterparts because of the incredible benefits you get by taking Lime and Cilantro essential oil internally. To name just a few: Lime has the power to support colon health, a healthy metabolism, and healthy weight management. Cilantro, on the other hand, provides important antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. It also supports a healthy digestive tract.

Comment below with your favorite way to eat avocados, and give this recipe a try! If you do, tag me on social media @primalwifehappylife with a picture.


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