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Avoid Toxic Dryer Sheets With This Simple Alternative

Fabric softeners and sheets are a great way to remove wrinkles, keep clothes soft, and add a yummy smell to your everyday wear! But some store-bought fabric softeners/sheets can have harmful chemicals such as phthalates and methylisothiazolinone that can be harmful to your skin (especially if you’re eczema-prone) and promote respiratory issues. Also, the "yummy" synthetic fragrance you may love in your fabric softener can be carcinogenic and has been shown to disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance. More specifically, dryer sheets can be dangerous for the environment through the fumes they produce and their one-use waste! YIKES!

I like to use a toxic-free, eco-friendly alternative I make at home that still leaves my clean clothes smelling and feeling fresh! This DIY only takes three ingredients, and all you’ll need is a large mason jar with a lid and some rags. You can use any rag you’d like, but my favorite to use are these car detail towels because they cut into perfect laundry sheet squares. Another perk to using these kinds of towels is that your socks and underwear stick to them (no more lost panties!).

This recipe uses distilled water, which will become a staple for DIYers ( I always have a gallon on hand), DoTERRA’s conditioner because it’s clean and natural, and any essential oil you want. I like to use citrus or floral oils, but my all-time favorite has to be DoTERRA’s Air-X essential oil. Check the recipe below to get started!

I'm excited for you to use this recipe as a step forward in reducing the toxic load inside your home! Comment below and let me know which essential oil is your favorite for this purpose.

Have a great day!


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