That name has a ton of meaning for me as I was not always primal, or a wife, or happy.  The life I live now is exactly what I dreamed my life would be so far.  I’m in charge of two additional human beings, my beautiful daughters: Genaveve, 17 and Ava, 6 (I’m pretty darn good at the Mom thing too! – God knew what He was doing).  I am happily– no, blissfully married.  My family is what drives me - they challenge me to be better, constantly and they are my biggest fans!

I recently traded my 12-year career as a Talent Development Consultant for State government, to work my dream of empowering people to heal through nutrition, exercise, and essential oils.  I’ve always seen my self as a “healer”, but in the last few years realized that each of us has the capacity to heal ourselves.  I’ve taken personal responsibility in my own healing and advocate for others to do the same.  You see, I grew up being assured that depression, anxiety, and drug addiction “run in my family”.  And, since what we focus on tends to expand, I ended up with forms of each of these. We can talk more about this later, but I am living proof that we are NOT destined to be what “runs-in-the-family”. Our bodies – if given the right environment – can heal!  

If you ask my Dad, he will tell you that I “see what I want in life and I always find a way to achieve it”.  One of my biggest goals has been to stop the idea or belief that we (my family) are destined to repeat the dis-ease that previous generations endured. 

When I was diagnosed with post-partum depression (PPD) the first time, not knowing too much about it, I figured it was inevitable.  After all, my life at that time was a disaster (Genaveve literally saved my life – more about that later).  So, I went to the doctor and took the meds and weened myself off after several years. Fast-forward 12 years, I had just married the man of my dreams, my career was taking off, and I was blessed with another pregnancy.  Everything was perfect!  Except, I got the PPD again – and MUCH WORSE! How could this happen?  So, reluctantly – I went back on the medications, but was determined that I could heal myself naturally.  I just didn’t know where to begin.  That’s when I found Primal Nutrition.  The innate belief that I did not have to succumb to disease in the name of genetics was confirmed as I studied Primal Nutrition.  Primal methodologies were so in-line with my goals (plus I can eat avocado for breakfast!!), that I became a certified Primal Health Coach in 2017.  


A few months after that, after weening myself down to the lowest dose - I was still on the medication.  The final straw: my husband’s grandfather passed.  My husband was heartbroken and sobbing, yet I couldn’t push my cry out (I know some of you can relate to this…).  It was soon after that, with my doctor’s permission, we decided that I would stop the medication.  I felt like my nutrition and exercise could sustain the remainder of my healing and the side-effects of the meds were outweighing the benefits.  And in God’s perfect timing, I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils.  


I always knew there were natural ways to heal but hadn’t found “the thing”. Guess what folks – essential oils are “the thing”!!  The certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and nourishing supplements worked with my body to bring balance and harmony.  I can say now that I am free from depression, anxiety, and drug addiction/dependency.  I can also say that I have the tools to assist others who want to stop the belief that most disease is genetic. 


I absolutely LOVE my purpose and cannot wait to connect with you through my journal.  


My hope is that through my stories and experiences, I can give you hope.  We are ALL meant to thrive!


Thank you for being here. <3

Dana Johnson



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